Novin Pak Shargh (NIPCO) is backed by 20 years of experience in controlling the nosocomial infection by importing the most advanced medical devices and manufacturing the most strong disinfection and cleanser solutions.

NIPCO has cooperated with technology-owner countries such as Switzerland, Germany, and Canada to transfer and incorporate the highest and latest technologies and knowledge into its system to provide better, safer, and most advanced healthcare systems.

The exploitation of up-to-date technology, which is preparing and ultimately constructing the essential technical infrastructures, is the driving force for producing GMP-approved, D-class pharmaceutical products.

Hence, according to the volition of the supreme leader’s majesty about the economical statement regarding “the use of internal determination, potentiation, wealth, and power”, we have made critical decisions to make the disinfection and cleanser industry self-sufficient,innovative and independent of importing from foreign countries. 

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